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  • Required Information

    To get your case started we need:

    During our bankruptcy process, you will be asked for the following information:

    • Drivers License and Social Security card
    • The source, amount, and frequency of your income
    • Pay stubs (or equivalent receipt of your source of income) for past six (6) months
    • Tax returns for past two years
    • Any legal papers that you have received
    • A list of all of your property; Tax bill for any real property deeded to you; tax bill for vehicle (mileage of vehicle).
    • Insurance card for your vehicle(s); Insurance information on your home; Life insurance information (including whether whole or term and the cash surrender value).
    • Completed Asset, Expense (all utility bills), Creditor Worksheet (Print below)
    • Your credit counseling certificate (unless you completed credit counseling through Fresh Start SC)

    You MAY be asked for the following information before or after your hearing.

    • Bank statements for last three months on all accounts
    • Family court certification of any domestic obligations
    • HUD report for any real estate sold within the last ten years
    • If you have closed a business: up to two years of bank statements
    • If you have received money from inheritance, closing a retirement account, or settling a law suit: bank statements from the time you received the funds