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    Can bankruptcy help you?

    Live agents are available to schedule your free phone consultation with an experienced South Carolina bankruptcy attorney. Your consultation includes:

    1. Evaluation of your household income for Chapter 7 qualification.

    2. Review of your assets to make sure that there is no liquidation in your case.

    3. Review of your financial history to check for preferences. (transfers to friends or family member that can delay a bankruptcy)

    4. If you do not qualify for Chapter 7 or you need to file Chapter 13, we will estimate a Chapter 13 plan payment.

    If you are very close in your income qualifications for Chapter 7, it is possible to schedule a full means test analysis with the attorney. Proof of income is necessary to conduct a full means test analysis to determine if you qualify.

    To schedule a full consultation, call our scheduling desk at 844-322-6932 or use the self scheduling calendar. Bankruptcy attorney Malinda M. Pennington will call you at the appointment time. Our scheduling desk is always open.