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    Directing attorney Malinda M. Pennington works directly with clients.  Since 2009, she has provided personal and diligent Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy representation in Greenville and Greater Upstate South Carolina.

    When you schedule a phone consultation appointment, attorney Pennington will help you determine whether bankruptcy can help you.If you want to receive a fast Chapter 7 assessment, submit this online form.

    During your phone consultation expect to review your debt, household size, income, assets, and some hearing questions that may indicate a necessary delay.

    Attorney Pennington will also help you act quickly if you need to file Chapter 13 because of foreclosure sale, wage garnishment, or immanent repossession. Ask about the “Savers” program if you are experiencing one of these issues.

    Overview of the bankruptcy preparation process

    Interview 1
    BY PHONE Required Documents & Preparation Interview Scheduling 
    Tax returns, proof of income and credit counseling certificate are required to complete this appointment.

    Interview 2
    BY PHONE Financials, Procedure & the Statement of Financial Affairs
    Please have your financial documents with you when we speak for this appointment.
    Bankruptcy documents that we will be working on: the Petition, Schedule I, The Means Test, The Statement of Financial Affairs

    Interview 3
    BY PHONE Personal and Real Property
    You will need to complete the Property Primer two days before this appointment.
    Bankruptcy documents that we will be working on: Schedules AB, real and personal property 
    You will receive Schedules AB to complete after this appointment.

    Interview 4 
    BY PHONE Credit Reports & Added Creditors Phone Appointment
    Together, by phone, we will access three part credit reports for bankruptcy attorneys that will auto populate your bankruptcy creditor Schedules.  
     Bankruptcy documents that we will be working on: Schedules D (secured creditors), E (priority creditors), F (general unsecured creditors), G (contracts), & H (co debtors) 
    After you and I categorize your credit reports into the “creditor schedules” you will receive the creditor schedules for review. Your task will be to return any missing creditors (those not on the credit report).

    Interview 5
    BY PHONE Expenses, Income Update, 2 Months Bank Statements
    Before this appointment we will collect the two prior months’ bank statements and  updated paystubs.
    Bankruptcy documents that we will be working on: Schedule J, expenses.
    After this appointment you will receive the following documents to review: Schedule I, The Means Test, The Statement of Financial Affairs

    Interview 6
    BY PHONE Full Corrective Review
    You will receive your entire draft filing prior to this meeting.  It is too large to print (about 75 pages). It can also become confusing at review if you print it. 
    The best way to review this document with me is to have downloaded the draft and have it open on a computer at the time of this appointment.
    We will review and correct the entire filing in this one hour appointment.

    Interview 7 
    (TBD) Final Review and Signing
    Please send updated bank balances by text message or email prior to 9:30 am on the date of your case filing.
    An Electronic Signature Document will be used at the time of signing and filing.

    Bankruptcy Court Hearing “341 Meeting”
    Drivers License and Social Security Card are required
    Court address: 201 Magnolia St. Spartanburg 29306

    You will receive the Discharge Order 60 days after your hearing.